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«Rythmes & cultures – Together we rise»

Let us inspire the future by honoring the past and present!

Toronto (Ontario), February 25th, 2019 – The Centre canadien pour l’unité de la famille (CCF), in partnership with Cuisine santé des canadiens and with Unleashed Legacies, is hosting, on March 1st, 2019, a multicultural soirée titled “ Rythmes & Cultures – Together we rise” . Financed by the Ministry of Heritage Canada, for the Black History Month, the event aims to inspire the future by honoring the past and the present of Black People:

Date: March 1st, 2019
Time: from 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Location: 330 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto, M6H 3Y1

“Our event Rhytmes et Cultures –Together we rise aims to create a warm and friendly ambiance between different cultures of diverse communities and serve as a bridge between generations. This will be an evening where the young people are inspired by the elder’s creations and where the elders are proud of the young people’s accomplishments” says Shafique Ishmael Dabre, president of CCF.

According to Chief Guy Dongué, “the event Rythmes et Cultures – Together we rise will also allow for better acquaintance with Canada’s ever growing gastronomic diversity”.

Rythme et cultures -Together we rise is a tangible opportunity for positive interaction between communities, as it seeks to create links to promote intercultural understanding. The event provides a dynamic environment for conversations among diverse cultures and an opportunity to discover other cultures through our guest speaker Robert Morin, our comedian Michel Mpambara, as well as poetry, music, arts, games, books and let’s not forget wise words from our elders. This event ensures us the participation of many artists of all generations, and a special appearance of International Toast Master Winner, Roger Ceasar. These artists are from many African and Caribbean cultures such as Haiti, Senegal, Cameroun, Guinea, Rwanda, Congo DRC, etc. Our guests artists, coming from 10 different ethnic communities will be sure to bring delight to our audience and will be sure to bring pride to the Afro- Caribbean history.

Nota Bene:

CCF, the Centre canadien pour l’unité de la famille, is mandated to promote proper, safe and sound projects and activities for families in an inclusive environment, in order to enrich and strengthen their quality of life. We desire to help build a society where the well-being of families and each family member can benefit thanks to the excellence in the service of innovative cultural approaches.


Source :
Rouguiatou Balde
Event Coordinator
Centre canadien pour l’unité de la famille (CCF)
Email: centredesfamilles@gmail.com
tel: (647) 974-7275

Centre canadien pour l’unité de la famille (CCF) 3-101, rue McGill, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1H5 647.974.7275 | centredesfamilles@gmail.com

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